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Our real estate auction model is based upon the premise of "subject to owner confirmation".  This means that the Seller has 24 hours immediately following the auction to accept, reject or negotiate toward acceptance the highest cash offer.  However, the majority of the time the decisions are made immediately after the auction.  

Would you like to list your home and have a better than 90% probability of selling it for all cash, with no conditions, in less than 60 days  Can you imagine right now how simple this would make the rest of your life  This is what we successfully do for our clients.  We take your property seriously and give it the exposure it requires to ensure maximum coverage in the marketplace and to give you the confidence that you require to sell it for a fair market price.

We believe our success is best illustrated through our perceived failures.  Of the less than 10% of properties that we take to auction that do not sell, generally they do not sell because the Seller rejected the final bid, not because there were no bids.  In virtually every instance that we’ve tracked a property following a stalemate auction, the property has eventually sold for the same net money, or for less than was achieved on auction day.  We think this statistical information speaks for itself and we will share specific examples with you at your request.


These properties may include single and multiple unit commercial and industrial condominiums, freehold commercial and industrial buildings, vacant commercial and industrial building sites, multiple unit subdivision lots, plans of subdivision, development tracts, small hotels, restaurants, service stations, existing and ceased businesses, multiple unit investment properties, leasehold office space and agricultural type properties.

The sale of Commercial Property at Auction has never been a simple or straightforward task. Today, the successful real estate auction company has recognized the function of the "auctioneer" as less important, and has focused upon employing the techniques of the "auction process" as the vehicle to sell and maximize value of commercial property, in a fixed time period.  The formula for conducting a successful auction is no longer as simple as placing an ad and showing up prepared to sell the property on-site by public outcry. Through technology, modes of marketing have advanced beyond newspapers and brochures and the general public’s perspective of an auction has and is shifting significantly.  In anticipation of these shifts, in addition to on-site live bid auctions, LWBC offers Alternatve Sealed Bid auction services, Multi-Par auction strategies, Sealed Bid auction services and On-line Bidding auction services.  Each auction strategy is founded on the principals of the traditional auction technique, but offers new conveniences to buyers and sellers never offered in the auction industry before.  The auction strategy (or strategies) we recommend  employing to sell your property(s) will be based on the number of properties in your commercial or investment portfolio, the type and location of the property(s), the type of offering (i.e. going concern, tenanted, vacant), the demand level for the property, the buyer profile, the target market and finally, the Seller’s goals. 

Whichever strategy we recommend, auction is the very best method of maximizing exposure and price, while minimizing time and carrying costs of surplus commercial property.

Today an auction could be a live or an electronic event where bidders, participants and spectators can observe open competition and act in their interest in the marketplace.  Through this process, Sellers have the opportunity to obtain not only a willing buyer, but the best of all willing buyers.


Owners of unique and luxury homes are tired of waiting months and years for a home to sell and are more often turning to Auction Marketing for faster and more efficient results.  The traditional MLS listing system was designed to offer and sell conventional homes and property.  If you own a unique or extraordinary home in Georgia, the traditional "list, wait and see" real estate model can be an inefficient manner to offer your property into the marketplace.  In times when an extraordinary or unique property is not selling, typically the sole option offered by the listing agent is to "reduce the price".  LWBC upscale properties above previous list prices, and/or above Seller expectations, due only to proper exposure into the marketplace coupled with the competition spawned by a well thought out and executed auction marketing strategy.

Buyers of upscale and unique properties are extraordinary people.  A house in their case is never just a home and their buying decision is almost always driven by intense emotion.  Think of what you would have paid for your home today if you had been forced to buy it at an auction.  Would you have paid more for your home at the time if competition had forced you to  Think of a typical buyer seeking a normal 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with a full basement for the kids.  There are hundreds to choose from and emotions are much less intense.  List, wait and see works there.  There are hundreds of people looking for similar properties.  If the price, color or layout doesn’t fit, "show me the next one".  An extraordinary or unique home should not be treated in the same manor as a conventional home.  We recognize and market the strong "Sense of Place" offered by a exceptional and unique properties.  We will professionally market your unique and/or extraordinary property to entice highest buyer interest harnessing and converting buyer interest into bidding and attendance during the auction process.  By providing you very real and tangible market statistics and consistent consumer comment streams throughout the auction process, we’ll equip you with what you need to make and educated and comfortable selling decision.  

Don’t treat the sale of your special property like a common home.  It could cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary holding costs and never generate the interest and attention it deserves to obtain the highest and best offer!

A LWBC auction is the very best method of maximizing exposure and price, while minimizing time and carrying costs of unique, extraordinary, or over improved properties.

Today an Auction is a community event where bidders and spectators can observe the open competition and act in their interest in the marketplace.  Sellers have the opportunity to obtain not only a willing buyer, but the best of all willing buyers.  A LWBC’s auction will produce an offer within 30 to 60 days from signing the auction listing contract that will represent the best price available today.  We have the proven track record to support this claim.